An Interview with ManEater’s Sarah Temperilli


ManEater A hell bending woman who allows nothing and no one (especially men) to get in the way of following her dreams. She sees the world as her oyster and is fearless when it comes to conquering it.

Meet Sarah Temperilli. She’s a true #GIRLBOSS!

This Los Angeles based designer fits the description of what a girl boss truly is.

Three years ago, Sarah packed all of her belongings out of her college apartment, and with only $500 in her pockets, moved to L.A.

Sarah had a dream, and the only way she could achieve her dream was to move to the City of Dreams.

Sarah’s dream was to start a clothing line for women that went beyond just clothes. She wanted something that would be empowering for women.

She created a brand that would allow all women to express themselves through clothing.

That is when the idea of her brand ManEater came to life.

ME3ManEater didn’t fall into place until I attended Mississippi State University on a full-ride volleyball scholarship,” says Sarah. “I started to see a pattern of the way male athletes mistreated women and got treated with higher priority than us cause they bring more money into the school. ManEater stemmed from all of that.”

Sarah said after reciting the word ManEater one day, it began to roll easily off her tongue.

“It sounded perfect and I just knew I was going to make it happen,” she added.

Her love for fashion came at a young age through admiration from her grandmother. “I think my grandmother was really creative and that passed down to me,” she said.

Sarah was in fifth-grade sketching design ideas in a spiral notebook.

After years of just focusing solely on volleyball, Sarah did not begin to take her love of fashion seriously until a friend purchased her a sketchbook in college.


Sarah launched ManEater Capsule 1 after just one year of moving to L.A., and in July 2017, her newest Capsule 2 Material Girl, launched.

Sarah’s clothing is inspired by fashions from the 1980s and 1990s, such as her Capsule 2 Material Girl collection.

“It’s cute, fun, and playful,” Sarah says. “I will be back launching new digital printed clothes in the fall that I can’t reveal too much about but it’s catering to some requests made by some loyal followers of the brand.”

ManEater has been seen on VH1’s Black Ink Crew cast member Sky as well as a few other reality television stars. st5

Sarah’s hope for the future is to collaborate with music and fashion icon, Rihanna, and fashion designers Jeremy Scott of Moschino and Virgil Abloh of Off-White.

“Fashion is everything to me,” said Sarah.

She added, “I relocated for it. I’ve built my life to revolve around it, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything outside of it.”

Sarah said there is so much more in store for ManEater that she will share at a later time, but until then, you can follow @themaneater__ on Instagram and check out her website and blog at


“I want girls to put on ManEater and feel free to express themselves for who they really are. It’s supposed to make you feel fun and sexy and most importantly untouchable to the certain f*kboy,” Sarah says.

If you are interested in learning more about the ManEater brand and Sarah, part 2 of this interview is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Sarah said, “It’s really exciting to be pursuing my dreams. I love the journey and the process of seeing something you think about come to life.”





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