An Interview with Yogi Kevion Devanté

Kevion Y

“Yoga is consciousness, the union of mind, body and soul,” said Mississippi native and yogi Kevion Devanté.

Kevion is an artist skilled in many areas. He is a photographer, model and musician. He also loves yoga. Yoga is Kevion’s favorite.

“I started practicing yoga after years of marching in high school and college bands initially for body and mind rehabilitation purposes,” said Kevion. “It was my way of keeping my vehicle refurbished, balanced and aligned.”

A study abroad trip to Asia allowed Kevion to start and cultivate his own unique yogic flow by incorporating other learned asanas and martial arts techniques.

The self-taught yogi said he would practice yoga “anywhere and everywhere.”

“The Earth is my training ground,” said Kevion. “I’m self-taught by the universe within me.”

The yogi considers himself a philanthropic human being for life. Last year, he received a Crystal Reiki Master and Teaching certification. Crystal Reiki is a therapy session where crystals or stones are used on or around an individual for meditation.

The crystals are used with Reiki to prompt the mind, body and spirit to heal.

After Kevion received his certification, he began pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at LIFE University in Georgia to become an international chiropractor.

Kevion said, “I aspired to be an international wildlife veterinarian to only serve animals, but my ambitious perspective of the scientific world changed once my epiphany of true vitalism occurred.”

Now residing in Georgia, he and his other half, Ashley Watts, also a yogi, have taken yoga to new heights.

Kevion and Ashley along with a few others started a company called Bare Yogi, which Fioreme readers will learn more about later.

Bare Yogi offers a monthly subscription box called the Bare Harmony Box. Bare Harmony is an expansion that allows yogis to receive holistic products each month such as smudge sticks, candles, aroma sprays, yoga mat cleaners, crystals, soaps and much more.

Kevion’s role with the company is in media productions and social innervation.

FIOREME founder Jarquita Brown had the opportunity to interview Kevion even further.

In their seven-question interview down below, Kevion shares his favorite yoga pose, gives advice to yoga beginners and also shares what he loves most about yoga.

JB: Yoga can be intimidating for some, and many men feel as if yoga is simply for women. What advice would you tell a first-timer who wants to get into yoga, and what advice would you give men on how they can benefit from yoga?

KD: (Laughs). Scientifically speaking, all men were once women. We come from women. She creates He. Stand securely in your sexuality. No one can’t judge your walk unless given consent. I can understand the intimidation, but no, yoga is for everybody. Men don’t like to go to the doctor too often. We don’t always like to be told what is wrong with us and what we need to fix, so my personal advice for every man is to take initiative of yourself. A doctor can only do what your body allows and can handle. The healing power is yours. Use it. Yoga can help remove minor to severe internal and external blockages and interferes with your being and your life. Don’t be shy, get emotional.

JB: What is your favorite pose and why?

KD: The Warrior! The many variations are some of the most common postures in the yoga practice and for good reason. They’re approachable for most bodies and are less intimidating than some of the more ‘advanced’ postures while still being great postures for building strength, confidence, and body awareness. I remember practicing this pose for the first time and feeling like it was a very powerful stance. I felt like I was taking up aura space and making myself known. While this can be a little overwhelming if you’re used to playing a little small, the poses can help you be a little louder and prouder.

JB: What are some benefits of yoga?

KD: Yoga is known to focus on posture and breathing during its many routines, but it also puts emphasis on focus. Learning to mental focus, stay relaxed, and remain calm during stressful times can help improve daily functions and help sufferers of pain. It is a very low impact exercise with high-energy concentrations. It involves long, fluid motions and the main objective is consciously controlling the body’s movements. This, in turn, can help to regulate the self-mentality, ease hypertension, improve sleep, increase creativity and mobility, and reduce symptoms of all types of depression, therefore, increase confidence. What can’t yoga do?

JB: What do you love most about yoga? In what ways has it helped you become a better individual, etcetera and why?

KD: The body is the equipment that we play in, live in and have to function in. The stronger and more efficient the body functions and moves, the better we feel and the better we live. Yoga is consciousness, the union of mind, body and soul. Every living thing has the inborn ability to direct and regulate its own internal physiology, adaptation and healing and thereby create its own health naturally from within. Yoga has helped me, is still helping and always will help and be apart of my life to fulfill and help overcome every obstacle by just adding that extra clarity needed to optimally maintain.

JB: What advice would you give a well-practiced yogi to take their practices to the next level?

KD: Own your breathing. Own your movement. Strength and stability have to be built upon the movement foundation. Otherwise, it will be based on dysfunction meaning compensative imbalances, asymmetric and altered synergistic patterns in your daily lives. Proper breathing controls the entire movement matrix. Each and every emotion controls motion.

JB: I mentioned earlier your partnership with Bare Yogi and the Bare Harmony Box. How and why did you all come up with the company?

KD: Initially, “Yogi Bare” (company’s initial name) was established by a trio at Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi to help motivate college students to engage in a healthy lifestyle through yoga as a tool of community enrichment. In less than a semester, we had reached over 300 students on campus. That wasn’t even including our own collective and personal online followings, but as each founding member graduated, the company needed to find a way to package and spread the vibes and the magic to each person we made those life-changing moments with, so the company revamped as “Bare Yogi” which leads to the Bare Harmony Box.

JB: Last question: What is one thing you will like for readers to know about the Bare Harmony Box?

KD: We are looking to not only inspire new yogis and support them on their journey but more importantly to endorse wholesome holistic products and services that universally aid the mind, body and spirit of each and everyone monthly.


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