Bare Yogi’s Bare Harmony Box Review


*I received free products from Bare Harmony Box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. *

Bare Harmony is an expansion that allows yogis to receive holistic products every month. These products provide community enrichment, stimulate positive vibes and help facilitate systems of the mind, body and soul to encourage healthy lifestyles. The Bare Harmony Box allows one’s consciousness to cultivate a sense of vitality, bliss and mindfulness.

A while ago, Jarquita received a free subscription box to review from the Bare Yogi team, and let’s just say, trying these products were very interesting to say the least, especially the vegan snacks. All in all, Jar is excited to share her experience with her readers.

Herbaland Vegan Fiber Protein Gummies: These are nutritional gummy supplements that contain a plant based protein, the yellow pea protein. Which is a macronutrient, essential to building muscle mass and helps muscle recovery and growth.

The three flavors I received are Papaya Paradise, Kiwi and Friends and Organic Banana. The Kiwi and Friends was probably the only one I would recommend for anyone to try. It was only one where you could taste the fruit! Papaya Paradise and Organic Banana was not my favorite! Sorry! The texture felt almost like a gritty protein powder. The aftertaste was long lasting and icky. The taste is very bland but you can taste a little bit of the fruit. Not the best gummies, but I managed to down all three flavors although it was hard for me to chew.
Would I purchase in the future? No. Would I recommend to someone else? Yes.

Vegan Jerkies: Spicy bacon, Korean Barbeque and Sweet Maple

Vegan Jerkies was a no. They did not taste edible at all. Reviewing these vegan snacks was a lot of fun and we look forward to reviewing more. But the vegan jerkies, they were a lot worse than the protein gummies.

I’ve honestly never been the biggest fan of non-vegan jerky, but this I would recommend to someone else to try. The Sweet Maple and Korean BBQ had almost the same taste while the Spicy Bacon had a bit of spice, but that was just it.


Limitless Blend Grass Roots Herbal Tea

As a lover of tea and any kind of tea, the Timeless Tea was most definitely my favorite from the subscription box.

The packaging was very pretty! All I can say is that the taste was very refreshing.


Relax, Restore and Soothe bath herbals by Goddess Apothecary is made with raw essential organics.

The Relax, Restore and Sooth Bath Herbals was so soothing. It had a lovely therapeutic aroma and helped with tension in the body. This product will be a great gift for someone. I would most definitely recommend for use.

The products below were conjured by Bare Yogi.


Complimentary Chakra Melts by Bare Yogi has a sweet aroma scent that last longer than candles and infused with raw essential oils.

The Chakra Melts had a calming and sweet scent and the scent lasts for days!

Crystal of the Month


Crystal of the Month #2: The hematite crystal copper ring was handcrafted by Live Art Studios. Hematite helps absorb negative energy, calms in times of stress and is a very protective stone. Wear this ring to help stay grounded as it connects with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.

The hematite crystal copper ring is absolutely beautiful. I have worn it everyday. After doing some more research on hematite, I learned that the crystal’s meaning is linked with its ability to absorb any toxic emotions that holds one back from their natural state of joy and vitality. According to Energy Muse, hematite is one of the best root chakra stones.

Hair and Beard Oil


I used the beard and hair oil on my skin. I don’t know if I really like it not, but I would recommend to any guy that is wanting to grow a man beard!

Box Value $41 / Discounted at 22.50


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