Beauty, Lifestyle and Luxury: An interview with La’Breda Morrow


“Exploring various shades of beauty through art and culture.”

The fashion and beauty industry in Mississippi has been on the rise lately. What I love most about Mississippi is seeing young individuals being their best selves, living their best lives and starting their own businesses. The entrepreneurship here is real! From graphic design services, photography and videography services, clothing lines, hair extension lines to makeup lines. Mississippi, in my opinion, is on the rise to something bigger and better.

As a lover of fashion and beauty, Jarquita recently interviewed another lover of fashion and beauty, La’Breda Morrow. Morrow is the founder of cosmetics company Lacolle (lay-cole) Cosmetics. Lacolle Cosmetics specializes in high quality luxury products with an extensive lip color selection. Lacolle’s lip wear sells out fast and has been named a favorite from many of its customers.

“We created Lacolle Cosmetics because we believe in exploring the various shades of beauty through art and culture,” Morrow said. Morrow’s name for the company was derived from a portion of her first name and a portion of her middle name, La’Breda Nicole. “I’ve always known that I wanted to start my own business and be my own professional boss. I love everything concerning beauty,” said Morrow, adding, “Modeling in fashion shows, photoshoots, clothing and makeup has been my thing for years.”

The entrepreneur said the process of making her own lip wear has been challenging, but also very exciting and rewarding.

“It’s a lot of fun, especially when it’s something you’re passionate about. Being able to decide which formula and colors gives me an exciting feeling,” she says. “I’m able to be creative with my designs and packaging.”

Morrow is a native of Greenwood, Miss. and a graduate of Mississippi Valley State University. She obtained a B.A. in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcasting. In 2017, she completed her Masters of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management. To learn more about Morrow and Lacolle Cosmetics, check out our Q&A below.


Jarquita Brown: Tell me more about your cosmetics company, Lacolle and your journey to entrepreneurship. Where did the idea for Lacolle Cosmetics come from?
La’Breda Morrow: Lacolle Cosmetics is feminine, classy, enameled in grace, elegant and funky. Her toasted beauty appeals to women who relish their individuality and dare to express it while being luxurious. Our products are made in the USA, and we are proud to say that our products are paraben free, gluten free, fragrance free, cruelty free, dermatology tested and E.U. registered. In addition, our products are safe for all skin types.

JB: I see that you make matte and liquid lipsticks and plumping gloss. What are some other products you plan to add to your company and how soon?
LM: I intend on expanding my company bigger. I have so many ideas for my company that it’s scary. Once I’m done with lip wear, I plan to add other products that I want to keep a secret. I like for certain projects to be a surprise to keep people guessing on what’s next. I’ll give myself six months or less before I decide to add more. I like to start small and gradually increase before wasting my money.

Lacolle C

JB: In what ways do you plan to set your company apart from other beauty companies?
LM: To set myself apart from other beauty companies is by being true to myself and how I see my vision. I am a very artistic person, so my creativity will express my company overall.

JB: What are some habits that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur? What are some tips or advice you can give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
LM: I have a habit of researching. I look at other top beauty brands to see what I can do to make mine better and to get where they are. I am always brainstorming ideas on what I can do next. I’m always networking, trying to reach out to other big people from other parts of the world to see if they can represent my brand. I attend entrepreneurship workshops to stay current on what’s new to implement in my business and to network with other people while I’m there.

The advice I have for other entrepreneurs who are starting out is to never give up. If you believe in yourself and it shows, that’s all that matters. It will get hard, but that’s part of the process to reap the fruits of your labor. You must keep going. Millions do not happen overnight, so don’t lose yourself when things become slow or your hometown or certain people won’t support. Keep going! Certain people won’t understand your vision because God didn’t give them the vision for them to understand. He gave it to you to fulfill His purpose for His glory. Your focus should be worldwide rather than one particular area. Don’t limit yourself.

JB: What is your all-time best beauty tip?
LM: For fuller lips, outline the perimeter of your natural lip line using a lip pencil or concealer brush. Top your pout with a gold or color gloss, then dab a shimmery gloss in the middle of your lower lip, on top of a lip tone lipstick or gloss, and smack lips together. When your lips look larger, it helps to slim your face down.

JB: One trend that excites you right now…
LM: I’m loving Fenty Beauty right now. I love how light the foundation is because it literally feels like nothing is on. I really like the whole collection honestly.

JB: Last question! What is one book you have read that has shaped the way you think about life and entrepreneurship?
LM: Before I started, I researched businesswoman Estee Lauder. She was the main one that set the bar for prestige beauty. I studied her life story and how she managed to become successful. I loved how she made a name for herself. T.D. Jakes is another person I would listen to every other day during my process. His focus was always leadership and making that big move. Faith without works is dead, and sometimes God is waiting on you to leap. There were days where things were challenging, but I always would tune into him to get the inspiration I needed to keep going. My goal is to leave an inheritance for my kids.


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