Breunka Kimbrough: Tips On Makeup For Beginners


Fioreme had a sit down with makeup artist Breunka Kimbrough, and she gave six tips for beginners. You will also find some of Breunka’s favorite beauty products in this article.

“I really haven’t experienced with applying makeup on others. I’ve only done so on a few occasions. I mainly just practice on myself or when my friends call me up and say, ‘Hey, can you do this or that?’ That’s really the only time I practice on others, but in the near future, I plan to work with ladies who are darker-skinned than I am. I just think their skin is so beautiful. It’s so amazing to me when I’m trying to figure out the shades and correct colors to compliment their skin. I just love it,” says Breunka.

Where to Shop For Makeup 

SAVE! As you being collecting items, you may think you have to have the more expensive brands, but you don’t! Drugstore products work just as good as higher end products. There are some great products at stores like Wal-Mart and Walgreens. These go for your application tools as well. As you get more experience with the makeup you’ll begin to expand your horizons and seek higher ended brands. I’m telling you, it just happens naturally.

Finding Your Correct Shade of Foundation

When searching for foundations, remember to NOT choose makeup that is too ashy for the skin. If it looks ashy on the skin, it’s not the right shade. If you look darker than when you started, that’s not the right color either. You want to make sure that as you test the makeup it blends with your natural skin color. You’ll never go wrong.

Choosing The Right Concealer

If you choose to do this next step in the makeup process, it must be done correctly. After your foundation is on, go in with a concealer to highlight the face and contour color to shape the face. A lot of people say this is too much, but I think it’s perfect. It allows your face to not look flat or plain once the foundation is on. These concealers can be found at Wal-Mart or beauty supply stores. You want to make sure the concealer is at least 1 to 2 shades lighter than the skin tone. Once the concealer is blended and in place, you’ll need a setting powder to set the concealer. These can also be purchased at the beauty supply store. When looking for contour shades, Wal-Mart has an array of selections. I love Black Radiance! You don’t need a shade that’s totally dark, but at least a medium brown or brown.

On Applying Lipsticks and Eye Shadows

Lipsticks and eye shadows are fun. I think everyone should give them a try. Don’t be afraid. Let your inner ego soar!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice! Practice and More Practice! This kind of thing doesn’t just magically happen overnight. If you know an artist who doesn’t have a problem with showing you how to use certain products then take advantage! Ask all the questions you need. After all, they won’t always be there to help and knowing how to do it yourself is very beneficial. If you can’t get your hands on a good artist then YouTube is also a very good teacher. There are many channels that show you how it’s done with drugstore products!

Before and After Applying Your Makeup

Before you start applying any makeup, you want to make sure that your face is clean and you have products that moisturize and prime your face. Very important! You also want to be certain that when you take off your makeup, you have a regimen for cleaning the face. Scrubs, facial cleansers, and count oils are my favorites. You cannot forget about this!

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4 thoughts on “Breunka Kimbrough: Tips On Makeup For Beginners

  1. You are so right about practicing a lot to get it right but you also need the correct light to be sure the make-up you have applied looks natural. A good cleansing routine is a must.

  2. I’ve had to mix colours to get my perfect (drugstore) foundation shade. I’m pretty sure once I start investing in higher end foundations (eventually lol) I’ll find one that fits me perfectly! Great article!

  3. Love these tips! I’m still a newbie to makeup and remember my first ever foundation was two shades too light for me- I looked like a ghost in a lot of party pictures. Epic fail!

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