Brie Bradshaw: On Organic Living, Life, Love, and Relationships

Brie Bradshaw

24-year-old Brie Bradshaw from Central Illinois told Fioreme about what her life has been like marrying young, being a dōTERRA wellness advocate, coffee barista, and her experience of living an organic lifestyle.

Brie’s website,  My Organic Adventure is based on living an “organic focused life with relationships, gatherings, following Jesus, and just simply being a twenty something young couple finding our way in this big adventure of life.”

Brie began her organic adventure in 2013 when she started using essential oils that led her to look at all aspects of her health.

On her website she stated, “I started reading labels of food, makeup, body care products, etc. and it has grown so much there.”

Brie later became a dōTERRA wellness advocate, which is a company that offers products such as essentials oils that supports the body in all areas without added chemicals and cancer causing ingredients.

To learn more about what a dōTERRA wellness advocate is and more about Brie’s life continue reading down below!

Jar: What can you tell me about your Organic Adventure?

Brie: My organic adventure is a movement toward authentic healthy living. Gone are the times of being surface level and fake. The millennial generations desires authenticity more than any other generation alive right now. Organic food is good for you and tastes better in my opinion. Organic living is also more fruitful and productive, and we all know this life is an adventure, a journey and curiosity of the unknown.

Jar: I read on your website that your focus is to live an “organic life with relationships, gatherings, following Jesus, and just simply being a twenty something young couple finding your way in this big adventure of life.” What advice can you give people in their twenties and young couples in their twenties who is trying to find their way through life, relationships, and following Jesus?

Brie: Be real. It will save yourself and others along the way. Invest in relationships, and when you are struggling, admit it. Following Jesus and life was never promised to be easy. Actually when Jesus said pick up your cross daily, that portrays a difficult picture.

Jar: What are some challenges you have faced? How did you overcome them?

Brie: My biggest challenge has been overcoming discouragement. Growing up, I had a lot of people tell me all of what my future would be lacking. Since then, I have wrestled with fear and doubt. Besides God, essential oils have been a constant to bring me confidence.

Brie and Jacob

Jar: I also read that you and your husband have lived in a few different states. What places have you lived? Did moving bring you two closer together? What has moving been like for you and your relationship?

Brie: We have live in a couple different places in Springfield, Illinois and also Oakland, California for a short three to four months. Moving always makes for an adventure. The more I move, the more I want to become a minimalist. Live in a tiny home or RV and travel across the world. Moving has definitely brought us closer together since a majority of the times my husband has been the only person I know in unfamiliar places!

Jar: What type of organic products do you use now? How do those products differ from other non-organic products you have used in the past?

Brie: I of course use dōTERRA products, organic foods from local markets, plant based makeup, castile soap for hair, organic arrow root powder for dry shampoo, organic coffee, organic teas, and the list goes on! The biggest difference between organic and non-organic is they are chemical and toxin free. For dōTERRA, they have a certification process for their oils that ensures all the health benefits are getting in the bottle. A lot of the other oil companies use fragrances made in a lab, which actually have been proven to cause hormone imbalances among other things.

Jar: I love the essentials oils. Do you make them on your own? What is the process of making the oils like?

Brie: I do not make them but I put my trust in dōTERRA. They are very strict in their acquisition, processing, and distributing of their oils. They source better than organic ingredients from across the world. The processes they use to distill the oils are one of two: steam distillation for mostly all of them, and cold pressed for the citrus oils from the rind.

Jar: I have heard many people tell me they want to start living organically, and some say it can sometimes be a little expensive to live an organic lifestyle. What are some tips you can give to someone who wants to live organically? How can they go about purchasing their food and other products?

Brie: Organic may cost more up front, but a healthier you equals less doctor bills and better quality life. Check local farmers markets, use coupons, order from places like Thrive Market Online. Become a dōTERRA wellness advocate and make money to pay for it.

Jar: Is there anything else you would like to know about your organic adventure?

Brie: I am here for you. I am here to answer any questions and support you in this journey. You are more than encouraged to join me on this adventure, AND you will thank yourself later!

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