The Millennials of Dallas

We all love some good reality television, right? Then you all should check out The Millennials of Dallas web series created by producer Dorian Payton. After watching the first episode of The Millennials of Dallas, my eyes were glued to...Read More

An Interview with Photographer Chauncey Mangum

I read a quote once from American photographer Ansel Adams that said, "Some photographers take reality and impose the domination of their own thought and spirit. Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument...Read More

An Interview with Portraitist @SydneyVanLeigh

[gallery ids="2973,2974,2972" type="rectangular"] It was a few months ago when American portraitist Sydney Van Leigh Armer moved to New York City after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Mississippi State University. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, the...Read More

Ms1: An interview with artist Timaal Bradford

Hip-hop artist and writer, Timaal Bradford decided to pursue music as a career around 2015 while completing his second degree at Mississippi State University. The 26-year-old Jackson, Mississippi native said some of biggest influences in music are Eminem, Nas, Common,...Read More

Broke Art Collection by Last Semester

25-year-old singer/rapper Reginald Enlow also known as Last Semester has dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, "Broke Art Collection." The mixtape is available on Soundcloud. It includes eight tracks including one bonus track. Check out Last Semester's new mixtape below. [embed][/embed] SaveSave

Five Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Back To You by Russ Album: There's Really A Wolf Russ is an American singer/rapper born in Secaucus, New Jersey now residing in Georgia. His latest album There's Really a Wolf released May 5 by his record company Russ My Way...Read More