Countess’ Pen: A Writer’s Journey

28-year-old writer, Jessica Contessa Dent, also known as Contessa Dee, launched a blog a while back titled, Countess' Pen. It was birthed out of the need for Dent to not feel suppressed anymore. Dent's goal is to encourage as many...Read More

Photographer Kim Rushing: Parchman

A little over 20 years ago, Kim Rushing began a photography project on the grounds of Parchman State Penitentiary in Drew, Mississippi. In 1994, he visited Parchman grounds two to three days a week, photographing the landscape and architecture of...Read More

Spillers Relates to His Life Undercover

  After 10 years of working as an undercover agent for the Baton Rogue Police Department and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Charlie Spillers describes his harrowing experiences of crime fighting and narrow escapes in his new novel, "Confessions of...Read More

Mary Parker Takes Charge

"The chick in charge is not a woman with an attitude, the chick in charge is the woman with the position in which I came from." She was that little girl "always in grown folks business." The older adults around...Read More