Ms1: An interview with artist Timaal Bradford

Hip-hop artist and writer, Timaal Bradford decided to pursue music as a career around 2015 while completing his second degree at Mississippi State University. The 26-year-old Jackson, Mississippi native said some of biggest influences in music are Eminem, Nas, Common,...Read More

Broke Art Collection by Last Semester

25-year-old singer/rapper Reginald Enlow also known as Last Semester has dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, "Broke Art Collection." The mixtape is available on Soundcloud. It includes eight tracks including one bonus track. Check out Last Semester's new mixtape below. [embed][/embed] SaveSave

Five Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Back To You by Russ Album: There's Really A Wolf Russ is an American singer/rapper born in Secaucus, New Jersey now residing in Georgia. His latest album There's Really a Wolf released May 5 by his record company Russ My Way...Read More

Friday Playlist: June 2 x Lady

Let us know what you think about this week's playlist titled "Lady" in the comments section below. [embed][/embed] If you would like to submit a weekend music playlist, email

Rapper Dee Brown talks Failures and Success

Rapper and poet Jeremy Deon Brown music career began back in 2011. Aside from his music career, he is also a photographer and videographer with his own production company called Low Tide Division. Low Tide Division started from a video series...Read More

Friday Playlist: May 19 x Vibes

This week´s playlist, Vibes, is brought to you by OMNI´s founder, Justin Gandy. ¨I was just looking for songs that were more intellectually driven and lyrical. It´s entitled Vibes because of the various feelings and thoughts these songs pull out...Read More

Friday’s Playlist: May 12

It's Friday, which means it is officially the weekend! OMNI Starkville founder Justin Gandy shared his weekly SoundCloud music playlist with Fioreme. The playlist, titled Trip was based on his visions. These 18 tracks tells a story about Gandy's adventure with an unknown girl and their...Read More