An Interview with Yogi Kevion Devanté

"Yoga is consciousness, the union of mind, body and soul," said Mississippi native and yogi Kevion Devanté. Kevion is an artist skilled in many areas. He is a photographer, model and musician. He also loves yoga. Yoga is Kevion's favorite....Read More

Self-Love Advocate Katie Winnen

I found Katie Winnen in TSC Bloggers and Business Babes on Facebook, a group dedicated solely to female entrepreneurs who celebrates each other's successes. Katie is a self-love advocate from the San Francisco Bay Area who works with women to...Read More

Breast Cancer Survivor Gabrielle Curb

She's a lover of all things fashion and beauty and has the most uplifting and radiant personality. She's also a 27-year-old breast cancer survivor. Her name is Gabrielle Curb. A few weeks ago when I returned to work, I wanted...Read More

Yenory Pouncil : iAmHealthyFit Part 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin iAmHealthyFit is a community that empowers Women of Color to live happy and healthy. In part two of Yenory Pouncil's interview, she shared some of her favorite exercises, advice on individuals just starting out, and...Read More

Yenory Pouncil: iAmHealthyFit Part 1

It has been almost seven years since Yenory Pouncil began her healthy living journey. She is a proud Garifuna Afro-Latina originally from Honduras, but now resides in Washington, D.C. Yenory started a website titled iAmHealthyFit after four of her friends...Read More

Ama Kuroki : A Journey of Self-Discovery

  Ashley Watts was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles from a mother who was Mississippi nurtured. She was raised in a single parent home, and was later raised by her grandparents. "My dad's dad pretty much played the dad...Read More