Chelsey Cordero: Cricket Lane Studio

It’s Cricket Lane Studio's anniversary month, and Fioreme is honoring business owner Chelsey Cordero. Chelsey is a graduate of Drexel University for Fashion Design and currently works in the fashion business doing technical design. "It’s kind of like being an...Read More

Danae Brown: Going Out On A Limb

Owner of Out On A Limb Wood Products, Danae Brown is looking to turn her wood making business into a full-time job that she loves. Danae has been married for three years and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her and...Read More

Ama Kuroki : A Journey of Self-Discovery

  Ashley Watts was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles from a mother who was Mississippi nurtured. She was raised in a single parent home, and was later raised by her grandparents. "My dad's dad pretty much played the dad...Read More

Brunch Offers Advice On Women Tackling Business

Studies show that many startup businesses began to fail within three to five years because they sometimes do not have the essential information needed to grow and keep running. LaToya Lee, CEO and founder of Precision Grant Writing and Consulting,...Read More

B.O.S.S Lady Pam Chatman

Many know her as The Oprah of the South, TV Diva and the Boss Lady but one of her main goals in life has been to empower young girls and women all over the world. "I took those names as...Read More