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It’s Cricket Lane Studio’s anniversary month, and Fioreme is honoring business owner Chelsey Cordero.

Chelsey is a graduate of Drexel University for Fashion Design and currently works in the fashion business doing technical design.

“It’s kind of like being an engineer for clothing, it’s fun,” said Chelsey.

Chelsey started her print business about three years ago. She was recently featured on Huffington Post for one her mugs that relates to Planned Parenthood. Chelsey said that has been one of her best Cricket Lane Studio moments so far.

“That was such a shock and probably one of the coolest moments so far,” Chelsey said.

Chelsey said Cricket Lane Studio raised over $1,180 dollars for her mugs relating to Planned Parenthood, and she plans to transfer them into prints.

Alongside creating prints for mugs, Chelsey also create prints for a number of other items as well such as coasters, IPhone cases, and makeup bags. Her prints by itself can be decorated using picture frames.

“I think Cricket Lane Studio is an affordable way to make every woman feel empowered, happy, and understood. I do everything from CLS from A to Z, and when someone orders something from me, it’s like the most exciting thing that’s ever happened, every single time,” says Chelsey.




Jar: I received your prints, and I absolutely love them! What gave you the idea to create prints such as the ones you create now?

Chelsey: Thank you! I think the first hand lettered print I created was a Mean Girls quote. I’ve always loved writing things in a pretty manor. People are always telling me what nice handwriting I have, so I was just sort of doodling to pass the time. I posted a picture on my Instagram and when people expressed interest in my Mean Girls quote, I started lettering things and listing them in my Etsy shop. Etsy was a great starting point for me, and in the past year, I’ve been able to start my own website which I am SO in love with.

Jar: I also see that your prints are on coffee mugs, coasters, iPhone cases, and makeup bags. What has the print business been like for you?

Chelsey: I’ve been doing prints for about two and a half years now. All of the other items are much newer! I think I did my first mug in June of 2016, so just over six months ago. It’s interesting; the mugs seem to have really taken off. I love a good print because I love to decorate my home, but I think a lot of my customers are really loving the coffee mugs because they can use them, as opposed to just looking at the print, or take them to work and show them off! It’s interesting to see who is buying what. I love learning what my customers are looking for and how I can help them find it.

Jar: The quotes and phrases you use on your prints, how do you go about choosing the quotes and phrases you want to use?

Chelsey: Honestly, I just pick quotes that speak to me. I tend to be a love it or hate it person, I often don’t feel neutral about things. So when I hear a quote that really speaks to me, I really love it! And then I think I want to have that quote immortalized hanging on my wall or on my coffee mug or my phone case. So I just do that.

Jar: What is the process like creating your prints?

Chelsey: I hand letter all of my prints on pen and paper before scanning and digitizing. Then I use a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator to come up with the final design.

Jar: Which prints are your favorites?

Chelsey: Oh my god, this is like asking a mother which child is her favorite. (Laughs). Ummm, I think my all time favorite must be “Bad Bitch” because it makes me feel really empowered! That might be totally weird, but just every time I even look at it, I feel like I can do anything I ever set my mind to.



Jar: What has been the most challenging part of getting your brand out there? How do you overcome those challenges?

Chelsey: I mean, all of it. Running a business is such a weird thing. You have to play all parts. Come up with a new product, market that new product, build your website yourself from scratch, take great product photos, make sure your product quality is Amazing, etcetera, etcetera! There are so many moving parts, but I haven’t found a part I dislike yet.

Everything is a learning curve. Just recently I was cleaning up my Instagram feed to keep everything looking super cohesive, and I came across the first picture I ever posted. It was such a terrible picture. So even something as simple as taking a good photograph is something you have to learn over time. I’m constantly reading blogs and articles, joining Facebook groups for small biz owners, etcetera. My biggest lifesavers so far have been my two biz besties. They also own small businesses, and the three of us are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and learning from each other. They’ve been a godsend!

Jar: What are a few tips or advice you can give to someone who wants to go into the printing business or any business?

Chelsey: Do your research! There are so many great resources online where you can find the answer to just about anything! How to register your business name, what types of fees would come from your Etsy shop, what type of costs will come from creating your product or pricing out the best way to create your products, etcetera. It’s no one’s job but yours to learn how to run a successful business. No one’s going to point out when you’re doing something wrong or wasting time and money. You really have to do research, all the time, nonstop, but to me, learning how to do all of these things is fun!


Chelsey’s Website and Pictures:

Chelsey’s Instagram: @cricketlanestudio


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