Danae Brown: Going Out On A Limb


Owner of Out On A Limb Wood Products, Danae Brown is looking to turn her wood making business into a full-time job that she loves. Danae has been married for three years and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her and her husband both enjoy creating and working with wood and that is what put them into business.

Out On A Limb focuses on wood burning and wood working. Their products are mostly home décor. Danae makes items such as signs, kitchen decorations, coasters and magnets.

Danae works as a full-time teacher for students with severe disabilities, but she is also wanting to explore other passions and interests in her life.

“My husband and I built our dining room table and enjoyed working and building together. So I got to thinking, maybe wood working can in some way help me find a way to do what I really want to do,” says Danae.

Danae later started an Etsy shop after realizing that she could make wood working into a full time job. She first began selling her products at a local farmer’s market that was free for vendors, and she has continued to attend craft fairs.

“I still have a ways to go to get where I want to be, but the work is worth it,” Danae says.

Out On A Limb started in May 2016. In November of 2016, Danae joined Etsy help groups and researched how to make her online store generate sales.

Danae said, “It was about a month from then until I vacationed my shop for Christmas, and in that month I did 34 sales.”

Danae said it is a great thing to shop small these days and hopes they can be the small shop to help everyone get what they are looking for.

“We hope that you visit us and take a look at what we have to offer,” said Danae.



Jar: How did you get started into making wooden objects?

Danae: It seemed like a good avenue to get started in at the time. The start up cost was very minimal as we has access to wood to begin. I enjoy the rustic look of having wooden décor in our home, and I thought others would as well. We enjoy building, and so working with wood seemed like a natural choice for us.

Jar: I see that Out On A Limb sells coasters, wooden spoons, signs, and much more. Tell me about some of the work you did, and what is the process like making your products?

Danae: I try to think of items or products that I myself would enjoy or find useful. I try to create unique items that people would be excited to have. As far as words and sayings I use, I try to ask people what they would be interested in as well as just my own preferences. I enjoy bible verses and try to display that in my work as much as possible. The process is different for each product. For my pallet signs and items make of branches, my coasters and magnets, the process is more involved because I do the sawing and sanding of those. For some of my other signs, spoons and cutting boards, I get the materials from the store so they are already prepared for me.

Jar: What types of wood do you use? What about the techniques that comes with it?

Danae: For many of my signs right now, I use pallet wood. We saw and sand each piece to what we need for a particular item. For my coasters and magnets, we use tree branches. We slice the branches and sand them to make either of those products. I have some new signs coming out that are larger tree slices, and I get those from a craft store or online. Unless you have the heavy-duty equipment it can be hard to slice and prepare big logs.

Jar: What has been the most challenging part of getting your brand out there? How do you overcome these challenges?

Danae: Right now it is marketing and promoting my small business. There are so many creatives out there making amazing products. It is hard to get noticed and seen by the masses with so many people trying to market their stuff as well. That is where the balance can be strained between working a day job and the business. I could research and promote all day, but I have limited time to do that and create the products I need for customers.

I have started to research and explore having a business plan as well as scheduling for marketing. Starting in February, I will be scheduling social media posts so I am not just randomly trying to throw stuff out there. I will also be looking for opportunities to collaborate with different people who can spread the business name.

Jar: What are some things you want people to know about your wooden products?

Danae: I really enjoy what I make. I love being able to create something special for someone. I want customers to know that I care so much about my products, and a lot of dedication goes into the process of providing a nice item. My products are made the best way I know how, and I try to make sure they are perfect before sending them out. I feel my products are unique. I hand letter all my cursive writing. Our products are very customizable which I think is a draw to people.



Out On A Limb Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/outonalimbstore

Facebook: @outonalimbwoodproducts

Instagram: @outonalimbwoodproducts

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