Rapper Dee Brown talks Failures and Success

Dee Brown

Rapper and poet Jeremy Deon Brown music career began back in 2011.

Aside from his music career, he is also a photographer and videographer with his own production company called Low Tide Division.

Low Tide Division started from a video series of Jeremy and his friends that he filmed for two years. It was initially called Low Tide DeeVision since Dee is the name he goes by.

“It all started in 2015, but I’ve had the idea since 2012. I think it is a unique name, and I have control of it, so I love Low Tide Division,” says Jeremy.

Dee’s production company consists of music, filming, and photography. Since beginning his journey at Mississippi State University, Dee has taken on many projects such as filming his first short movie and shooting wedding videos for close friends.

Dee’s first short film is titled, “DeePression” (Depression). The film portrays the mindset he had during the spring and summer months of 2016.

The film consists of four music videos starting with a poem and ending with a suicidal message.

Dee said, “It was kind of like the four stages of depression. It came together so well, and I wouldn’t give away that film for anything in the world,” adding that, “I made that to let people know that I get depressed too, just like them.”

Dee said he grew up a happy kid on the south side of Jackson, Mississippi.

“As a child, all I knew was being a kid honestly. Cartoons, laughs, and basketball. I loved basketball, and I wanted to go pro one day like my cousin Monta Ellis,” said Dee.

Dee is now an engineering student at Mississippi State University. He says he enjoys his major because he can do just about anything in the music industry from writing to editing.

Dee said, “My parents and I disconnected from each other due to me wanting to leave and attend school back to Mississippi State after I transferred from MSU to Jackson State University.”

“After they cut me off, I needed an outlet to express everything I was going through because that was my first time dealing with depression and actually being on my own,” he added.

Dee recently released a new mixtape on SoundCloud and Apple Music titled Failures and Success, which he worked on for four years.

“I released a teaser mixtape on Datpiff called The EP consisting of my inner thoughts, both past and future. It was six songs. Then finished Failures and Success, which consists of my college life, my disconnection with my family, and my anger or love towards life.”

The first song on the mix tape is called Nickels and Dimes (Blues), which describes Dee’s life as a college student.

“I decided to end the mix tape with a song called Apology which is an “I’m Sorry” type of song dedicated to my parents because I said some things no one should say about their family,” he said.

To learn more about Dee’s mixtape, battling depression, and other projects in the work, check out his Q&A Interview with Fioreme writer below.

“That fact that you can find my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and other outlets is bittersweet. I could jump for joy,” says Dee

Q&A with Dee Brown

Jar: What is a typical recording session like for you?

Dee Brown: I am very particular about recording sessions. I record in my room, and it’s required that I am the only one in the room. I don’t bring friends or any of that stuff you see on TV. I’ve tried to make beats on three separate occasions, but I just think that’s the one thing I simply cannot do. I will try again this summer though.

Jar: How would you describe your style of music?

Dee Brown: I don’t know if I could find a word that could describe my music, but I can say it’s a different emotional type of storytelling. I like to tell my story about my life using all types of human emotion and being honest about it.

Jar: Since we’ve already talked about Failures and Success, can you choose three of your favorite songs from the album and explain why they are your favorite?

Dee Brown: My three favorite songs is tough, but I’ll say:

Nickels and Dimes (Blues) – This song was inspired by my friend and the reason I am rapping today, Magnolia Chris. I took his chorus and remade it and slowed it down then made my own versus. I wish you could hear his version because it’s a college student struggle anthem. So I took it and elevated it in a more heartfelt way.

Money and Success – It was one of the last songs I did to the album. I love this song because it illustrates my need for money, but also asks if it’s worth the success of an artist. I wanted people to see how dead broke I am.

Rest in Peace – This song was one of the first songs I recorded for the album. My grandma passed away from cancer a week before my birthday, and the funeral was on my birthday. My friend Adrian “Dinko” Dinkins passed away while I was in Starkville, and I found out late. My middle school classmate passed away as well from an overdose. So this song was dedicated to them, motivating myself to keep going with my dreams for these people, but also regretting my hometown because I feel like I left my friends and family hanging.

Jar: How long did it take you to write the songs on the album? What was the process like?

Dee Brown: Each song takes me about an hour to three hours writing it in my notepad on my phone. If I like the message of the song, I’ll record it, which takes three to five hours per song. So the album took a total range of 60 to 70 hours of recording.

Jar: I know as an artist, it is sometimes difficult to get yourself out there as far as your music. What has been some of your biggest challenges, and how do you overcome them?

Dee Brown: Great question. So first of all, I don’t rap like the Migos, Young Thug, and etcetera or anyone that club raps or has the Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi Vert vibe so no one wants to hear my music unless they aren’t around their friends. So getting someone to listen to my mixtapes and albums is the hardest task, especially in Mississippi. I overcame those tasks easily. I became a photographer and videographer. Now people are forced to listen to my music or at least hear about it because people love pictures, and since I film my own music videos, they see all of my talents. Being able to learn more is an advantage I have over most people, in my opinion.

Jar: What are some other things you enjoy in your spare time besides making music?

Dee Brown: Well other than music, I like to watch sports. I actually dislike taking someone else’s pictures or doing their video because it’s simply not my passion. I just do it because it makes money and I’m good at it. I definitely love all sports except baseball on my spare time.

Jar: So how exactly did your photography career begin?

Dee Brown: So I definitely don’t love it, which surprises people, but I just don’t. I bought a $1400-$1700 Canon camera along with the equipment to only film my own music videos and take my own pictures professionally. My friend and manager Kameron saw my talent and “put me on” doing other people’s pictures and videos which was the best move in my life so far.


Jar: Back to your music. What is one thing that inspires you to make good music?

Dee Brown: The thing that inspires me the most are the current rappers that are out. I can’t even listen to the radio or a music app because of so much terrible music out. It’s music with no meaning. Music by thugs dressed in tights. Everything is a fad now, and that’s what motivates me to make the music I can produce.

Jar: Are you working on any new music now? When will it be released?

Dee Brown: I am slowly working on a project called Broker Than Broke. I named it that because I put Broker Than Broke Part 1 song on my album, and I released part two last year as a music video. The plan is to release it by the end of the year. My main focus is putting out as many music videos on YouTube during the summer that I possibly can.

Jar: This is my last question. What is your life motto?

Dee Brown: “Do what you want to do or what you believe in.” These celebrities all had a point in their life where no one wanted to hear them. So just do what you want to, make adjustments that please people and that also pleases yourself since not many people are going to support you from the start.

Dee’s latest tracks are down below.

Dee’s Instagram: @_deebrown_


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