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Published runway and print model Brittany Henderson earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences degree with a concentration in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Mississippi State University in 2016. Currently residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the 23-year-old left her hometown of Jackson in Mississippi to pursue her fashion career further. She currently works for Winston Retail as a visual merchandiser. In 2013, she began her own fashion label called Brittani Ariana, and her work has been showcased in many fashion shows in the state and other places as well. Her designs have also been featured in a few Mississippi magazines such as Town and Gown based in Starkville and Style Mississippi Magazine based in Jackson.

In a recent interview with Fioreme writer, Henderson said, “Whatever your dreams are, go after them! Nobody else is living your life. You should never want to wonder “what if.” It’s your life. You can do whatever you want.”

To learn more about Brittany’s love for fashion, check out our Q&A below.

Jarquita Brown: What does fashion mean to you?

Brittany Henderson: LIFE! I’ve always been into fashion. I’ve never been afraid to not follow trends and just do my own thing.

JB: How would you describe your style?

BH: My style depends on my mood honestly, and the weather of course. Some of my favorite stores are Forever 21, H&M, GoJane, Zara, TopShop, KloseyEnvy, Victoria’s Secret, and Charlotte Russe.

JB: Tell me about your experience as a design student?

BH: Run in the opposite direction as fast as you can! Just kidding! It was a very rigorous experience, but I wouldn’t change it at all. My professors were awesome and will do whatever they can to make sure their students are successful. I just wish I had the chance to take up the new classes they have added since I’ve graduated, but that’s what graduate school and YouTube are for.

JB: I saw that your collection was showcased in New Orleans Fashion Week. What was that experience like?

BH: It went very smoothly, surprisingly! The only hectic part was doing fittings hours before the show because all of my models lived in New Orleans, but other than that it was an awesome experience. If I am chosen again, I will definitely attend. There’s a selection process that I had to go through. It wasn’t difficult, but you never know what they’re looking for.

JB: Tell me about the collection you showcased.

BH: My great-grandmother, Eva Williams, passed away last year at the age of 102, so this collection was dedicated to her. This collection is resort wear, items you wear on a cruise, to the beach, to places like Miami, etcetera, and it’s called Eva RogueEva for my great-grandmother and Rogue to describe some of the risqué styles. I’ll say it took me a little over a month to make this collection all by myself.

JB: The same collection was also showcased during Mississippi Fashion Week in Jackson. What do you look forward to most when showcasing your collection in your hometown?

BH: I just want their support, even if I don’t make a sale or gain a new client, all publicity is good publicity.

Brittany’s top three must haves for the summer:

  • Crop tops
  • Chokers
  • Backless swimsuits

Brittany’s trend predictions for the next year:

I do see athletic wear or “athleisure” becoming an even bigger market and plus size wear too.

JB: What do you love most about designing, and what is the most challenging part?

BH: The most challenging part is that I am still learning. I’ve only been making clothes for about three years, so a lot of things I make are on a trial and error basis, but I do love the fact that even if something is a ‘fail,’ I still make it work somehow.


JB: What are you working on right now?

BH: As of now, I am working on getting into Atlanta International Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. You would be surprised at how many doors a simple email can open.

JB: Who are some designers you will love to collaborate with?

BH: My designer friends Ken White and Demetrius Blayde, of course! I’d love to work with Versace, Chanel, and Vera Wang one day.

JB: What type of women do you envision when you design your collections? Who do you see wearing your clothes?

BH: Women that do not care about what anybody has to say about them. Women that are fierce and lovable at the same time. I hope to see Rihanna and Keke Palmer in my clothing one day.

JB: What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in the fashion industry?

BH: Do not share your ideas with everyone, and everyone that tries to invest in your business may not be good for you. Stay true to yourself, and keep working towards your goals.

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Photos of Brittany taken by: @i.angelo_

Runway photography: @rmcgeephotography


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