Ds2: 10 questions with fashion designer Demetrius Blayde (Part 2)

Jar: What does fashion mean to you?

Dee Blayde: First I want to say, I love this question and hearing different designers or style influencers answers. For me, fashion is all about how I’m feeling in the moment. I like to try new things and take risks so fashion is all about the moment to me. Live in it, and be your best self in it. Everybody wants to be so alike. Where’s the sanity in that?

Jar: How did Demi Blvck Designs come about, and how would you describe your brand?

Blayde: Demi Blvck came about from me originally up cycling old clothing and changing the sleeves on different shirts I owned. That made me get into pattern making and eventually I was creating patterns for things I wanted to see. I would describe my brand as the perfect fusion between African and Asian couture. It’s very edgy and regal but has symmetry about it. I design for the edgy guy or girl with expensive taste.

Jar: Can you tell us about your Demi Blvck collections?

Blayde: My last three collections have been Destination 27 FW 2015 Collection, Kelcie 8 FW 2016 Collection, and Date Night in Dubai Collection FW 2018. It’s safe to say that all these collections were special to me in a certain way. Destination 27 was actually based off a short story I wrote where the destination was essentially a heaven for artists.


Destination 27 Collection

In my story, it was a place where everything had a voice. The ground would ache as you walked on it. The flowers would sing to you in the morning, and the pictures would speak as you walked past. That’s why I want every piece to look like a wall mural. As if the models were walls. The models represented the walls, floors, and harmony of Destination 27.

Look 7
Date Night in Dubai Collection

The Kelcie 8 Collection was me designing for the girl I wanted to date, and the Date Night in Dubai Collection was me and the girl from Kelcie 8 on a date and what we would wear. (Laughs). It’s funny I know.

Jar: What are you working on right now?

Blayde: I am working on The Bleu Collection FW 2018. The Bleu Collection is the color blue spelled weird because it’s not about the color of the clothing. It was the color of my emotion during the time I was designing the clothing. There’s a lot of thought and time I devote onto helping me design. The Kelcie 8 Collection, The Date Night in Dubai Collection, and the Bleu Collection are actually 3-part collections for me emotionally.

The Kelcie 8 Collection represented the new me, which is why for the first time with collection I used brighter colors. Those colors represented a butterfly leaving its cocoon, eager, bright, and free. I was also starting to date again, and the designs dressed Kelcie. The kind of girl I wanted to date, and the 8 represents eternity.

Group Looks 2
Kelcie 8 Collection

See the number 8 has no start or finish to it. It’s eternal, so it represented an eternal bond. Date Night In Dubai represented the kind of date I wanted me and Kelcie to go on, a very regal and expensive date, and Dubai is my dream place to visit. The Bleu Collection represents the feeling I felt when it was all over.

Jar: What are your goals as a designer?

Blayde: My main goal is to create art that sells, but mostly art. I truly believe my gift is to inspire the world through art. My short-term goals are to maintain a steady celeb client relationship and build my empire through my network and hard work. My long-term goal is to become a fashion corporation. I want to be among the elite.

Jar: What fashion show have you done that has been the memorable one for you?

Blayde: The biggest shows I’ve been featured in is Brooklyn Fashion Week and Chicago Fashion Week. These are just two of many, but these two were special to me because they’re a first in many ways. I’ve done a lot of runway shows but these two were different in terms of the talent. I was so inspired by the other designers. I just love to see others thriving and making amazing pieces. I love to not only inspire but be inspired as well.

Jar: How would you describe your style?

Blayde: I am what Pharrell and Rihanna would probably offspring, and Kanye would be my god dad! So I feel extremely versatile and can pull off any look.

Five items Blayde can’t live without:

  1. Sewing machine
  2. Sketch figurine book
  3. Beats by Dre
  4. All of Frank Ocean’s music
  5. Chinese food

Jar: What do you love most about designing? What is the most challenging part?

Kelcie 8 Collection

Blayde: I love the creative part of designing most, the part where I’m configuring designs and sketching. I just love creating. It’s always the most fun part to me. The most challenging part is when I may have creative blocks. It’s really hard for me to come out of slumps, but when I do come out, whew!

Jar: Last question, what advice would you give to someone who aspires to be a designer or work in the fashion industry?

Blayde: Always be true to yourself. Don’t follow trends; be the trend. Set your own bar. Surpass your own bar. Don’t let people change the way you view fashion, and maintain your self-respect. Respect is more important than a check. Remember that.

You can find more pieces from Blayde’s collections on his website and social media.

Look 11

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