An interview with fashion designer Demetrius Blayde (Part 1)

Dee Blayde

It all started inside of his 8th grade journal. He would write short films, poems, and brainstorm fashion ideas. 29-year-old fashion and graphic designer Demetrius Blayde says he was very imaginative growing up.

“I’ve always compared stories to just about everything. I compare stories to certain songs I love, to certain funny real life situations, and even to the way I design,” said Blayde, adding, “It’s almost like I design for the characters in the stories in my head at times. It’s a little weird.” Blayde laughs.

The Memphis, Tenn. native recently moved to Atlanta, Ga. He designs for three Atlanta based boutiques, teach sewing classes three days a week, and design for his own label, Demi Blvck Designs.

Demi Blvck Designs is the perfect fusion between African and Asian couture. It is very edgy and regal, but also has symmetry about it.

“Demi Blvck came about from me originally up cycling old clothing and changing the sleeves on different shirts I owned,” said Blayde.

“That made me get into pattern making and eventually I was creating patterns for things I wanted to see. I design for the edgy guy or girl with expensive taste,” he said.

The self-taught fashion designer has so far designed three collections and is now working on his fourth collection which all tells a compelling story. His collections, which you will learn about in part two of his interview, all holds a special place in his heart and in his wild and romantic imagination.

He explained that he wants “every piece to look like a wall mural.”

His short-term goals are to maintain a steady client relationship and build his fashion empire through his network and hard work. Blayde’s dream is to have a celebrity clientele and to see celebrities walking the red carpet in his designs.

Blayde said, “I’ve been watching red carpet events since middle school. Watching celebs and their outfits on the runway has always been a huge deal for me.”

Blayde also plans to own a fashion corporation one day with hopes of collaborating with some of the biggest pop and fashion icons. “I want to be among the elite,” he says.

“My main goal as a designer is to create art that sells, but mostly art. I truly believe my gift is to inspire the world through art.”

Dee Blayde3

Demi Blvck Designs can be found on Instagram at @demi.blvck.designs.

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