Friday’s Playlist: May 12

It’s Friday, which means it is officially the weekend!

OMNI Starkville founder Justin Gandy shared his weekly SoundCloud music playlist with Fioreme. The playlist, titled Trip was based on his visions. These 18 tracks tells a story about Gandy’s adventure with an unknown girl and their eventual departure.


Gandy breaks down each song:

“Think of like this. Lit is me blazing. Jaden Smith’s song is when I saw the girl. We hang and get close. Elliott Smith’s song is me falling for her hard. Jump Out The Face is more of me falling for her drug, which is love. Monster is when broke my heart. Calling Your Name is me relapsing and wanting her all over again. Bonfire is me turning that pain into passion. Swimming Pools is me drinking away the memories of her. The following song is me doing drugs that remind me of her along with Double Cups. The Last is me telling her that I am the greatest. Blasé is me proving it. Shit On You is the desires I have to be the chosen one. Don’t Worry because I got it now. News or Somethn is my loyalty to my craft, and no one can stop my hustle meanwhile encouraging youth while pointed out the flaws in our world. The following song is about me cruising contemplating life after success. Candler Road, I won, and this is why. Every song after is my ascension in life to statuses unknown. Can we really be gods? Is it worth being an idol? Is the trouble worth the time? It’s not a question of if it will be done. It’s a question of how far I will go. My thoughts currently.”

Every Friday, Fioreme will present its readers with a list of feel good tunes to get you through the weekend!

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