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I was so elated when singer/songwriter Kimberly London agreed to an interview with me. This multitalented artist will soon be making her mark in the music industry. London is a Memphis, Tennessee native and fell in love with music at a really young age. Her first encounter with music was in her dad’s home studio.

“I watched him produce songs, and he would tell me stories about how he produced his uncle’s first album,” London said. “It amazed me to see music being made from the machines and devices he used.”

One day, London’s dad allowed her to sing the “Alphabet Song” in his studio. “I believe I was about four when that happened,” added London. Since that day, London has not stopped singing.

Recently, London released her new project titled Headspace, and let me tell you, it is a must-listen. If you’ve listened to London’s music, many other musicians may come to mind such as Alina Baraz and Jhene Aiko.

“Funny thing is, I am often compared to Jhene Aiko the most. I think it’s because my voice is extremely soft and I am very vulnerable and invite people into my life with my music,” said London.

“My music is usually soft, calm, and collective,” says London. “I do love being versatile and changing my style. I don’t like to stick to one sound because music is a spectrum and is extremely experimental.”

This “unconventional R&B” artist says she enjoys the essence of going with the flow and moving to the beat of her heart. “There aren’t any rules when I produce music,” London said. She added, “My music gives people the opportunity to channel my raw emotions and to live in the moment I sing about.”

My interview with London was very eye-opening and inspiring. London talked about growth, self-love and acceptance, which is also one of the titles of her songs. Continue reading below.


Jar: Let’s talk more about your EP, Headspace. I feel many individuals can relate to your music. Can you give me a little background information behind each song and your thought process?

Kimi: Headspace is a work of art that embodies a stage of my life when I needed personal space for personal growth. Each song represents an element of my life that I learned from. “Mirror” channels the insecurities I had as a little girl growing up. I talk about having low self-esteem and trying to rise above the depression I dealt with. “Love Me” is a mini glimpse of my life of relationships. Because of the low self-esteem I had growing up, I settled for less because I didn’t know my worth. “Acceptance” is that breaking point of my depression. I began accepting who I am and understood my worth. I mention having a rough past but rising above adversity. “Self-Love” is a personal shielding song. This song is about protecting my energy. My self-love is a sacred state of mind and being. I’ve fought hard to be where I am today. No one is important enough that I lose my sanity and peace. The last song, “Headspace” sums up the project as a whole. This song explains that change is inevitable and I will not stop myself from evolving even if that makes outsiders uncomfortable. I embrace living life for me and not through the world’s standards and opinions of what I should be.

Jar: Tell me about the writing process of Headspace and what a typical recording session is like for you?

Kimi: The writing process of Headspace all together was extremely emotional. I had emotional breakdowns while writing these songs. I was in shock that I could live in my truth and write about moments that broke me down and tore me apart mentally. I began to realize that I was finally blossoming into a better me. I wanted to really take my time with every song and truly capture the essence of the experiences I shared. Before I wrote any song, I had to meditate and talk to God. The writing process for me was extremely intimate and sacred. I was deeply rooted and grounded in what I wanted to say. From January to April, I did a lot of writing, revising and rehearsing to make sure the songs were perfected for execution. I recorded Headspace with my engineer Brandon Christian. A typical session with him is always energetic and inspiring. I always pray and meditate right before I record. Something I like to do is rehearse the song in one take to warm my vocals and to let him hear what we’ll work on that day. Recording in the studio was frustrating at times because I tend to overthink, but Brandon was always there to give me words of encouragement and advice on how to perfect every song considering he’s also an amazing recording artist himself.

Jar: If you could choose any artist to collaborate on a song with, who would it be and why?

Kimi: If I could collaborate with any artist, it would most definitely be Erykah Badu. She will always be my first choice. As a little girl, I always admired her lyrical flow and the substance of her music. She is an artist that even today inspires me to love myself as I am. I could imagine having a studio session with her ecstatic energy flowing, positive vibes, and creativity stirring in the room. She is a legend and a queen.

Jar: What are some things you enjoy besides music and how do they influence your music?

Kimi: I love helping people. I always knew I wanted to use my voice to inspire people. Before singing was a dream, it was to be a motivational speaker. I combine the two and inspire people through my songs and art. It correlates because music is powerful, and people are listening. When people listen to my music, I want them to zone into a relatable place. I want to use my voice to sing about real life situations and experiences.

Jar: Back to Headspace. Tell me about your cover art for each song. What was the inspiration behind it?

Kimi: The inspiration behind my cover art was to show my artistic ability as well as create a story behind each cover. I wanted to present a fun element into the art. So I decided to use pastel colors like pink, lavender, light green and yellow. I also used the movement of flowers to express the meaning of each song. The flowers demonstrated growth through creativity. For example, on the cover of “Acceptance,” I transformed flowers into flower wings. It symbolized my growth and elevation as a woman. I wanted to showcase an aesthetic feel to set the tone of what the EP would sound like.

Jar: Last question, where do you see yourself in the next five years with your music?

Kimi: Five years from now, I will be manifesting everything a harvest of blessings! (Smiles). I know that my hard work will pay off. I will be an entrepreneur, philanthropist and singer. I love music, but I also want to open doors for others in need. Life is bigger than the careers we have or the talents God gave us. It’s all about what we are doing with what God gave us to help and invest in the lives of others for the better. I see myself spiritually inclined with God. I know that I’ll still be evolving even more as the person I am supposed to become.

Jar: Thank you so much for letting me interview you. I see nothing but great things and success for you. Is there anything else you would like for the readers to know?

Kimi: I want to thank FIOREME for the opportunity to broadcast my art to the world through your beautiful platform. I also want the people who took their time to read this to know I am forever grateful and that I am passionate about my music and there is more to come!

Thank you again, Kimi. Click here to listen to Headspace.


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