Mary Parker Takes Charge

“The chick in charge is not a woman with an attitude, the chick in charge is the woman with the position in which I came from.”

OneGospel_SiteShe was that little girl “always in grown folks business.” The older adults around her would tell her “stay in a child’s place,” and “stop being so grown,” but she never listened. She has always wanted to be “the chick in the charge.”

Mary H. Parker wrote a memoir titled, “The Chick in Charge: Life Lessons, Business Principles, & Inspirational Tools for Optimum Success,” in which she talks about her childhood to corporate America, giving tips on how to own and run a successful business.

Parker said she never wanted to go outside to play with the other kids because she was too nosy, and she always wanted to know what was going on around her that no one was talking about.

She was born in Grenada, Mississippi to the parents of sharecroppers. When she and her siblings got older, her mother wanted them to get the best education possible instead of going out and picking cotton.

Following a move to Michigan, her first job while in college was working as an operator at a General Motors powering plant.

Parker reminisced back to her childhood, telling stories she remembers of her parents and grandparents. She said the experiences she went through as a child and always being in grown folks business lead her to the successful woman she is today.

“I needed to know how to be savvy, I needed to learn how to use my personality, my confidence to disarm people because of my career field,” said Parker.

Parker came home to the Mississippi Delta a while back to share her success story with younger and older women of color at the Senator’s Place in Cleveland, Mississippi during her book signing.

Parker was also honored at the Boss Lady Diamond Gala by Pam Chatman and Sen. Willie Simmons on October 8 at the Grammy Museum Mississippi.

Parker is now a multimillionaire businesswoman living in Atlanta, GA. She is the president and CEO of All(n)1 Security Services.


All(n)1 Security is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced, fully certified African American, female owned security firm with offices in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Africa with a workforce of more than 500 security professionals.mp2

She said even though her company is with worth millions of dollars, it is not about the money, it is about making sure her customers are satisfied with the services they receive.

“It’s about fulfilling the purpose in which you’ve been called instead of the money,” Parker said.

Her fast growing company provides security personnel and technology to malls, schools, hospitals, and community events.

“We don’t just provide people, but we integrate people with security systems and we can view and secure the world from one location,” said Parker.

Parker talked about how she moved to Atlanta in 1992 with her mind made up about starting her own security company so that she could offer greater opportunities for African Americans.

While talking about her book, she said one of the characteristics of being a “The Chick in Charge” is not where you started but the preparations that you make as you go through to get you to where you want to be.

Parker said, “The chick in charge is not a woman with an attitude, the chick in charge is the woman with the position in which I came from.”

Parker also extended the services of her security company. She also has four other companies and a nonprofit foundation, and has given over 100,000 dollars she has given in scholarships.

Parker said it’s so many things that she shares with young people as a result of her foundation and business. She wants them to understand and take away the impact of what they are doing today which is going forward.

“I want people to understand that it doesn’t matter where they are, it doesn’t matter where you started or where you came from. What really, really matters, is understanding your purpose and fulfilling it through faith, through courage, and through confidence,” said Parker.

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