Nysse: On Childhood, Nervous, and Abu Dhabi

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“I’m a person that never learned how to give up. I don’t believe in impossible. I’m fearless.”

Music artist Natasha Nelson also known as Nysse, was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but as a kid, she moved around a lot, switching to different schools and states due to her mother being a soldier.

It was three years ago when Nelson began her music career as a rapper. Nelson was inspired off a memory, a belief in herself, and a hunger that she could not and still can not fight to this day.

“No one inspired me. I inspired myself,” Nelson says. “I looked at what I knew I could be and ran off that.”

As Nelson got older, she admitted that rap was cool and entertaining for the people around her but she never gave any serious thoughts on wanting to pursue it.

Nelson said she was always entertaining as a kid. She would do Michael Jackson impressions and went on to rapping popular songs on the playground or in the mirror.

Nelson said, “I loved to dance and make people laugh and look at me. I was always the leader no matter what.”

During her teenage years, she admitted that was always getting into trouble.

“I spent my teenage years in a gang doing all the wrong things and rap just slipped away. I was too busy fighting and running the streets, ya know,” Nelson says.

Nelson’s stage name, Nysse, also her first self-titled album was released a year ago.

Nysse stands for Now You Show Some Effort, and when it is in lights, it’s N.Y.$.$.E.

Nysse does not see herself collaborating with any other artists at the moment.

“I just want to be great on my own first,” Nysse says.

Nysse’s main goals as an artist is to produce, write songs, and make some of the world’s biggest records with the hopes of one day winning a Grammy award.

Nysse says, “It’s about learning as much as you can. Be yourself and have a vision.”

Nysse’s self-entitled album and latest album H.I.G.H. can be found on iTunes.


 Jar: I heard your single Nervous. Very nice song by the way! What can you tell me about this single? What inspired you to write it? Do you help others who help you write your music?

Nysse: I wrote Nervous strictly off feeling nervous. I had a team and everyone was pushing me asking me this, and if I wanted to perform here, or do a song with him or her, or listen to these beats. It was just a lot of pressure, and I was just getting started. I was like d–, this sh-t makes me nervous a little bit. I outgrew that feeling, but it’s an honest song of my struggle while trying to come up in a whole new world. I write all my lyrics by myself.


Jar: What is a typical recording session like for you? Do your also create beats for your music?

Nysse: My sessions are always private. It’s usually just me, my producer, and the engineer. Maybe a close associate to get me food or for whatever help I need. I like it dark and still. I smoke of course. The rolling up process is therapeutic for me. It helps me fall into a deep focus and mute out all distractions. I let the beat play out loud and just wait for everything to start coming together. I do a lot of pre-production on my own also, so sometimes I go to the studio and hop straight in the booth. I do participate in the making of some of my production like selecting the instruments, tempo, arrangement, and sometimes the melodies.

Jar: I know as an artist, it is sometimes difficult to get yourself out there as far as music goes, or anything of that matter. What has been some of your biggest challenges, and how do you overcome them?

Nysse: The biggest challenge is exactly what you said, getting it out there to other places. So what I do is I find a way to get to those places. The Internet just ain’t gonna do it. Not for me. I think everything is a challenge period, so it’s really about how you handle it.

Jar: Tell me about your other song that was recently released, Abu Dhabi. What inspired you to write that song?

Nysse: Abu Dhabi is one of my top 5 favorites for real, for real! I made that after dropping my first album New Years Day 2016. We were so turned up so we just hopped in the studio. We were at my producer Tay Creations spot in Mechanicsville; this was when I was living in Atlanta. Tay was making the beat Abu Dhabi, and I ran with it and painted a picture of how life was about to be. It set a goal for us. We knew what we wanted when we made it. We aren’t done pushing that record either. We need a big record. Mike Snotty is a close friend of ours. He’s won a Grammy and has multiple nominations as an audio engineer. Me and Tay were on his production team Snotty’s MVPs doing songwriting work. He was also our first instructor at the audio engineer institute. That’s where we all met. Abu Dhabi is great people in one room. The universe at it’s finest.


Jar: Have there ever been times you have ever considered giving up?

Nysse: Yeah, last week and plenty of other times. It’s a feeling passionate people get. I never act on it. I react off it and level it.

Jar: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Nysse: I honestly don’t listen to music like that because I’m always creating and mastering my own craft, but I do take the time out to listen to artists like Drake, J. Cole, NBA Youngboy, and 90s R&B. I try to stick with content I can relate to.

Jar: What is one thing that inspires you to make good music?

Nysse: Being able to bring out emotion in someone else. A lot of us have the same story, it’s just not being told.

Jar: Are you working on any new music right now?

Nysse: I’m working on something new. It will be out soon.

Nysse’s Instagram: @mvpnysse

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